180 GHz G-Band Spectrometer (homebuilt)

EPR pictures--3 180 GHz EPR spectrometer is equipped with quasi-optical circuit, two independent microwave sources and a 7 T Teslatron H magnet system provided by Oxford instruments. Additional superconducting coil mounted into the magnet system allows sweeping the magnetic field in the range of +/- 80 mT around the central field.  The spectrometer detection unit is based on the heterodyne scheme with an intermediate frequency of 4 GHz. The probehead is equipped with an oversized corrugated waveguide with a taper and a cylindrical (TE011) cavity. Oxford helium cryostat with a temperature control unit allows the experiments to be performed at sample temperatures varying in the range of 4 – 300 K. The spectrometer is mostly used for orientation selective PELDOR/DEER, electron spin relaxation and cw-EPR experiments.