Bruker Elexsys E580 X-/Q-Band Spectrometer

The X-Band spectrometer was originally installed in 1998, it was upgraded to a X/Q-band spectrometer in 2008 and 2011, it is equipped with the SpecJet II / PatterJet II upgrade and since 2016 with the digital upgrade including a 150W Q-band TWT and an AWG from Bruker.

The spectrometer is equipped with the X-band bridge which can be used via up/down conversion as a Q-band spectrometer. The Q-band frequency is amplified with a 150W TWTA or a 10W solid state amplifier, the 150W power in combination with the Felxline-D2 cavity enables for a 6ns π-pulse. The spectrometer can be used in both frequencies in cw mode, pulsed mode and AWG mode for almost all EPR experiments. The different Flexline probe heads (Q-band QD2-ENDOR and QT2-FT-EPR, X-band MD5-FT-EPR, MD4-ENDOR, MS3-FT-EPR) could be temperature controlled inside an Oxford Instruments CF935 cryostat. The PatternJet II generates mw pulsed with a resolution of 1ns. The SpecJet II has a transient resolution of 1ns. The AWG (arbitrary waveform generator) enables us to do all possible EPR pulsed experiments including new kind of chirp or broad band adiabatic pulses, here the resolution is 0.5 ns. In addition the spectrometer contains a not phase logged ELDOR source.

The X-band setup has a 1KW TWT amplifier (ASE 117X). For the pulsed ENDOR the spectrometer is equipped with a 2kW RF amplifier (Dressler LPPA10020 LF). The magnet could be used up to 1.5 Tesla.