Bruker Elexsys E500 X-band Spectrometer

EPR pictures-

The cw Elexsys X-band spectrometer was manufactured by Bruker AG. In year 2000, the spectrometer was partly upgraded to an Elexsys E500 spectrometer (Bruker BioSpin).

Several different cavities are in use allowing us to perform normal as well as parallel mode EPR and including ENDOR-type experiments. Two different cryostats can be applied to the system, allowing the control of temperature in the range from 4 – 353 K. Either liquid helium or liquid nitrogen can be used for cooling the cavities.

The system is equiped with a signal channel (ER 023), a digital field controller (ER 032M), a FF-Lock (ER 033) and a NMR-Gaussmeter (ER 035M). All these components are located in the console (ER 220 D LR). For ENDOR measurements, a cylindric ENDOR cavity (EN 801) is used and a solid-state 300 W ENI Amplifier (ENI A-300).