BMRZ Workshop 2016

8th BMRZ Symposium: 21.6.2016

The 2016 BMRZ workshop will take place on June 21st 2016 at the Humanwissenschaftliche Kolleg in Bad Homburg.

Besides of research short talks by members of the BMRZ research groups, we will also have a workshop session. The purpose of these workshops is to lower the access barrier to all the methods and techniques available within the BMRZ, to provide practical hints, to meet well-experienced postdocs and staff members and to network in an informal atmosphere.



09:30 – 09:40              Welcome and Introduction Clemens Glaubitz

09:40 – 11:20                SESSION 1  Chair: Björn Corzilius

09:40 – 10:00               Deep Chatterjee             

Real time 1D NMR: a powerful tool to investigate dynamics of complex biological systems

10:00-10:20                Michaela Mehler

Trapping photointermediates of proteorhodopsin

10:20-10:40                Aisha Laguerre

Tuning nanodiscs to isotropic bicelles: structural biology of integral membrane proteins for NMR spectroscopy

10:40-11:00                Erik Henrich 

Analysis of membrane protein interactions in lipid bilayers by native mass spectrometry

11:00-11:20                Kristin Möbius

Resonance Assignment of wild-type DGK by scalar- and dipolar-coupling based ssNMR

11:20-11:40                COFFEE

11:40-13:00                SESSION 2 Chair: Ute Hellmich

11:40-12:00                Vasy Denysenkov

Overhauser DNP for in-vivo applications at 1.5 Tesla

12:00-12:20                Monu Kaushik 

Dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced solid state NMR using Gd3+ as polarizing agent

12:20-12:40                Denise Schütz

Pulsed EPR measurements on poly-ubiquintines

12:40-13:00                Elke Duchardt-Ferner

Structure and Folding of tetramethylrhodamine binding RNA Aptamers

13:00-14:00                LUNCH

14:00-15:20                SESSION 3 Chair: Jens Wöhnert

14:00-14:20                Anna Niesteruk

Insights into the M. tuberculosis kinase (PtkA) – phosphatase (MptpA) regulatory system as seen through the lens of NMR spectroscopy

14:20-14:40               Carolin Hacker

Solution stucture of the lantibiotic immunity protein Nisl and its interactions with nisin

14:40-15:00                Sven Warhaut

NMR and Single-Molecule-FRET spectroscopy of the translational adenine riboswitch

15:00-15:20                Julia Würz

Structure-based drug design by NMR        

15:20-15:30                COFFEE

15:30-16:30                WORKSHOPS

(a)       Expression, Labeliling, Analytics  ( Frank Bernhard, Krishna Saxena, Elke Duchardt-Ferner)

(b)       MAS-NMR/ DNP/ PELDOR  (Johanna Becker-Baldus, Burkhard Endeward)

(c)       Computer-based approaches (structure calculation etc.) (Sina Kazemi, Henry Jonker) 

(d)       Fast data acquisition, hardware introduction (Frank Löhr, Christian Richter)

16:30-16:40              COFFEE

16:40-17:40              Guest Speaker Chair: Thomas Prisner

Steffen Glaser, TU Munich

Optimal control pulses in magnetic resonance

17:40    Closing Remarks Harald Schwalbe

18:00    BBQ Dinner at Orangerie Kurpark


Organisation: Simone Kobylka (email hidden; JavaScript is required)