BMRZ Workshop 2017

9th BMRZ Symposiuim: 26.06.2017

The 2017 BMRZ Workshop will take place on June 26th 2017 at the Humanwissenschaftlichen Kolleg in Bad Homburg.


09:30-09:40                Welcome and Introduction

Session 1 (09:40-11:20) Chair: Johanna Baldus   

09:40-10:05                Kristin Möbius

Automatic and manual solid-state NMR resonance assignment and mechanistic experiments on the integral membrane protein diacylglycerol kinase

10:05-10:30                György Pintér

                                       Rational Design of New Photo Cages                       

10:30-10:55                Orawan Jakdetchai

Probing the photointermediates of light-driven sodium-ion pump from Krokinobacter eikastus by DNP enhanced solid-state NMR

10:55-11:20                Jakob Lopez, Magic Angle

                                       LOGS: Data handling made easy

11:20-11:50                Coffee

Session 2 (11:50-13:00) Chair: Jens Wöhnert

11:50-12:15                Diane Daube

Investigation of Interleukin-1β single-loop-LBT by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP)

12:15-13:00                Guest Speaker

  Remco Sprangers, MPI for Developmental Biology, Tübingen

Changes in conformational equilibria regulate the activity of the Dcp2 decapping enzyme

13:00-14:30                Lunch

Session 3 (14:30-15:55) Chair: Björn Corzilius

14:30-14:55                Florian Sochor

Pausing guides RNA folding to populate transiently stable RNA structures for riboswitch-based transcription regulation

14:55-15:20                Alberto Collauto

Investigation of the coordination sphere of the metal co-factor at the ATPase site during nucleotide turnover using hyperfine spectroscopy

15:20-15:55                Carolin Hacker

Structural Investigations of Docking  Domains in Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases

15:55-16:25                Coffee

Session 4 (16:25-17:50) Chair: Elke Duchardt-Ferner

16:25-16:50                Iva Pritisanac

FLYA and MAGMA in automatic assignment of methyl resonances of large protein targets

16:50-17:15                Jakob Gebel

Regulation of the activity of a TAp63α by phosphorylation

17:15-17:40                Philipp Spindler

                                       Conformational Studies of DNA at 50K and Ambient Temperatures by Means of Pulsed EPR

17:40                          Closing Remarks

18:00                          BBQ Dinner at Orangerie Kurpark

There will also be a possibility to display a limited number of posters (up to 15). This would be great opportunity to catalyze discussions during the breaks. So if you are interested to show for example a poster from a recent conference, please reserve your poster space with
Simone Kobylka (email hidden; JavaScript is required). We will allocate the space on a „first come first serve“ basis.

Organisation: Simone Kobylka (email hidden; JavaScript is required)