BMRZ Workshop 2019

11th BMRZ Symposium: 22.08.2019

The 2019 BMRZ Workshop will take place on August 22nd 2019 at the Humanwissenschaftlichen Kolleg in Bad Homburg

Registration until 14th August 2019.

We have this year two guest speaker. Prof. Dr. Jochen Balbach from the Martin-Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg and Prof. Dr. Moreno Lelli from Center of Magnetic Resonance University of Florence.

09:00-09:10               Welcome and Introduction

Session 1 (09:10-10:50) Chair: Ute Hellmich

09:10-09:35                  Jakob Gebel

Oocytes on the brink of apoptosis: phosphorylation kinetics in TAp63α

09:35-10:00                  Clara Nassrin Kriebel

Multidimensional MAS-NMR on the light-driven sodium pump KR2                                  

10:00-10:25                  Nicole Erlenbach

Quantitative characterization of the non-covalent attached Ǵ spin label

10:25-10:50                 Annika Wagner

Inhibitor-induced dimerization of an essential      oxidoreductase from Africn Trypanosomes?

10:50-11:10                  Coffee

Session 2 (11:10-12:20) Chair: Harald Schwalbe

11:10-11:35                  Jiafei Mao

Exploring protein structures via engineering longitudinal spin dynamics

11:35-12:15                  Guest Speaker

Jochen Balbach, Institut für Physik, Martin-Luther-   Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Conformational plasticity of the GPCR activating parathyroid hormone

12:30-13:45               Lunch

Session 3 (13:45-15:05) Chair: Clemens Glaubitz

13:45-14:25                Guest Speaker

Moreno Lelli, Center of Magnetic Resononce, University of Florence

Efficient Solid-state NMR Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation at High Field, Fast MAS and High Temperature

 14:25-14:50                 Alberto Collauto

Investigation of RNA duplexes inside cells using PELDOR spectroscopy

14:50-15:15                  György Pintér

Study of the folding of the cold denatured barstar by temperature jump NMR spectroscopy

15:15-15:30               Coffee

Session 4 (15:30-17:10) Chair: Andreas Schlundt

15:30-15:55                  Robbin Schnieders

Development of heteronuclear-detected NMR-experiments for characterization of NH-and NH2-groups in RNA

15:55-16:20                  Alexey Cherepanov

Molecular movies at atomic resolution – sample preparation and analysis

16:20-16:55                 Anna Lopata

Exploring the conformational space of the E2-E3-ubiquitin complex

16:55-17:05               Coffee

Session 5 (17:05-17:55) Chair: Thomas Prisner

17:05-17:30                 Jörg Heiliger

                                       Site-specific DNP in a Gd(III)-labeled protein

17:30-17:55                Heiko Keller

The traffic ATPase PilF provides a link between intracellular c-di-GMP binding and DNA transport in Thermus thermophilus                    

17:55                           Closing Remarks

18:30                          BBQ Dinner at Orangerie Kurpark


Organisation: Simone Kobylka (email hidden; JavaScript is required)